Indonesia Photography or rai-tours.com has established since 2006. We have arranged a lot of photographers from various countries: Austria, Australia, America, Germany, England, Hongkong, Kuwait, Turkey, Japan etc. Includes the award winning: Dr. Francis Sui FPSA, MPSA, Stephen Allworth (www.stephenallworth.com) Tat Kin John - Hau, Dennis Cox (www.denniscox.com) Porter Yates (www.porteryates) Hurriyet Akin (hurriyetakin.com) Miki Iwamura (www.mikiiwamura.com) Lukeduggleby (lukeduggelby.com) Shamil Tanna (www.shamiltanna.com)

Turgut Timocin (Turkey) July - August 2017

Photo Tours Toraja

That was his 4th time to come to Indonesia, he has been visited Java, Bali, Papua, Mentawai, Sumba and Toraja etc. an article about him Article

Mr.Q May-June 2017 (Canada/USA)

Sumatra, Java, Borneo, Bali and Flores

24 Days Phototours Indonesia, Start from Siberut Mentawai islands and finish in Komodo National Park Flores. Focus on people photography :local tribe/people, daily life and wildlife.

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Reinhard Muellner 2017 (Austria)

Raja Ampat West Papua

It was 9 days photo trip, to explore Raja Ampat by liveaboard and land tour with Highlights: Wayag Island, Batangpele, Mansuar, Piyanemo, Arborek, Kri and Birie island

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Dr. Robert Miller 2017 (USA)

West Papua (Baliem valley and RajaAmpat)

8 Days photo trip to West Papua with the highlights people photography local tribe of Danis and Lani tribe in Baliem valley, Landscape and underwater photography at RajaAmpat.

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Stephen Allworth 2017 (Australia)

Sulawesi - Borneo - Bromo - Sumba

Fantastic 21 days photo trip, visited 5 islands (Bali, Sulawesi, Borneo, Java, Sumba) with Highlights: Toraja highland, Orangutan, Mt. Bromo, Sumba islands and Pasola Event

Dr. Trent Kanemaki 2016 (USA)

Java - Sumatra - Bali

It was 14 days photo trip from Jakarta to Bali with highlight, Istiqlal Mosque, Bullracing, Borobudur, Mt. Bromo, Blue flame and sulfur miners at Mt. Ijen and Bali island.

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John O Farrell 2015 (Australia)

26 Days Photo Tours Indonesia

One of longest trip we ever made but also one of greatest trip (by his testimonial). Photograph all highlights in West Sumatra, Java, Borneo, Papua and Toraja highland.

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Prof. Dennis H Miller 2015 (USA)

22 Days Bali-Borneo-Java-Sumatra Tours

Start from Bali and finish in Jakarta to photograph Bali, Bromo, orangutan at Tanjung Puting National Park, Borobudur and Prambanan temple as well Bullrace event in west Sumatra.

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Hurriyet Akin 2014 (Turkey)

11 Days Overland Java - Bali

11 days Java - Bali trip start from Jakarta finish in Bali. With the highlight tea plantation in Rancabali, Naga Village, Dieng Plateu, Borobudur, mt. Bromo, mt. Ijen and Bali

Dr.Francis Sui & Tat Kin John 2013-2016 (Hongkong)

Bali - Java - Papua - Flores

Mr. Sui and Mr. Tat Kin John have several times come to Indonesia, especially mr. John have made photo trip from Sumatra, Java, Bali (2014), Flores (2016), and Papua (2015).



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